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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Mar-2013 Imitation Learning under POMDP in Assistive Kitchen Systemプラタマ, フェルディアン アディ; ぷらたま, ふぇるでぃあん あでぃ
12-Jul-2009 Immobilization of aromatic aldehyde molecules on indium tin oxide surface using acetalization reactionNakayama, Tomohiro; Matsushima, Toshinori; Murata, Hideyuki
Mar-2016 Impact Analysis of Microfinance on Women Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation: A Case Study of MFIs in Gujranwala & Lahore Districts of PakistanJAMAL, Nagina
Dec-2016 Impact Investigation of Source Correlation on IDMA-based Multi-User Detection薛, 嘉杰; せつ, かけつ
Sep-2021 The impact of corporate social responsibility activities on brand preference in the mobile phone industryZHONG, MENGYING; ちょう, むえい
May-2006 Impact of processing history on rheological properties for branched polypropyleneYamaguchi, M; Wagner, M.H
13-May-2013 Impact of UV/O_3 treatment on solution-processed amorphous InGaZnO_4 thin-film transistorsUmeda, Kenichi; Miyasako, Takaaki; Sugiyama, Ayumu; Tanaka, Atsushi; Suzuki, Masayuki; Tokumitsu, Eisuke; Shimoda, Tatsuya
12-Aug-2014 The impacts of electronic state hybridization on the binding energy of single phosphorus donor electrons in extremely downscaled silicon nanostructuresAnh, Le The; Moraru, Daniel; Manoharan, Muruganathan; Tabe, Michiharu; Mizuta, Hiroshi
24-Oct-2002 Impacts of Functionality Development on Dynamism between Learning and Diffusion of TechnologyAsgari, Behrooz; 渡辺, 千仭
18-Oct-2014 ImPACT等のハイリスク研究にみる回収スパンと財務当局との調整事例を参考に : Transformative Research評価理念文化へのキャピタルゲイン型クラウドファンディングによる潜在シーズの政策エビデンス化と対話基盤を用いた受益者自身による潜在ニーズの配当創出とのマッチングの可能性と課題鈴木, 羽留香
6-Oct-2003 Implementaion and Performance Analysis of the φ-Failure DetectorHayashibara, Naohiro; Defago, Xavier; Katayama, Takuya
18-Jan-1994 An implementation of a highly reliable parallel-disk system using transputersTomonaga, Seishi; Yokota, Haruo; 友永, 誠史; 横田, 治夫; トモナガ, セイシ; ヨコタ, ハルオ
Mar-2023 Implementation of Automated Feedback System for Japanese Essays in Intermediate EducationPHAN, Thanh Huy; ふぁん, たん ふい
18-Jan-1994 An implementation of logical variable reference in a concurrent logic programming language by using channel variablesSugino, Eiji; Yokota, Haruo; 杉野, 栄二; 横田, 治夫; スギノ, エイジ; ヨコタ, ハルオ
Nov-2007 Implementing CrossConcept : A Computer Software Supporting Creative ThinkingYAMAGUCHI, Taku; KOBAYASHI, Tatsuo
9-Jan-2013 The importance of electron correlation on stacking interaction of adenine-thymine base-pair step in B-DNA: A quantum Monte Carlo studyHongo, Kenta; Cuong, Nguyen Thanh; Maezono, Ryo
Nov-2007 Importance of Intrinsic Motivation for Knowledge Sharing within an R&D OrganizationHorie, Tsunetoshi; Ikawa, Yasuo; Nakamori, Yoshiteru; Wang, Zhongtuo; Gu, Jifa; Ma, Tieju
Nov-2007 The Importance of Multimedia Principle and Emergence PrincipleWierzbicki, Andrzej P.; Nakamori, Yoshiteru; Nakamori, Yoshiteru; Wang, Zhongtuo; Gu, Jifa; Ma, Tieju
May-2007 Important role of popularisation of physical science to the modern business activityINAMI, Nobuhito; IWASAKI, Hideo; KOYANO, Mikio; CHIBA, Yoshiaki; HORI, Shinzoh Hide
8-Jul-2013 Improve equalization-cancellation-based sound localization in noisy reverberant environments using direct-to-reverberant energy ratioChau, Duc Thanh; Li, Junfeng; Akagi, Masato
2-Sep-1996 Improved algorithms for single machine scheduling with fuzzy due datesTanaka, Keisuke; Vlach, Milan; 田中, 圭介; タナカ, ケイスケ
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