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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Aug-2002 A Second-price Sealed-bid Auction with Public VerifiabilityOmote, Kazumasa; Miyaji, Atsuko
2003 A Second-price Sealed-bid Auction with the Discriminant of the p_<0>-th RootOmote, Kazumasa; Miyaji, Atsuko
21-Oct-2006 Sectoral Innovation System in Software in Asian CountriesMIYAZAKI, Kumiko; KLINCWEICZ, Krzysztof
Nov-2005 Sectoral System of Innovation in China - the Case of Software SectorQiong, Wu; Miyazaki, Kumiko; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
2012 A Secure and private RFID authentication protocol under SLPN problemMamun, Mohammad S. I.; Miyaji, Atsuko; Rahman, Mohammad S.
Aug-2006 Secure Elliptic Curve Exponentiation against RPA, ZRA, DPA, and SPAMAMIYA, Hideyo; MIYAJI, Atsuko; MORIMOTO, Hiroaki
Mar-2009 A Secure RFID Authentication Protocol with Low Communication CostRahman, Mohammad Shahriar; Soshi, Masakazu; Miyaji, Atsuko
Mar-2015 Secure sets and defensive alliances in graphs: A faster algorithm and improved boundsAmano, Kazuyuki; Oo, Kyaw May; Otachi, Yota; Uehara, Ryuhei
Jul-2014 Secure VANET Applications with a refined Group SignatureIslam Mamun, Mohammad Saiful; Miyaji, Atsuko
Oct-2008 Security and Access Control for Vehicular CommunicationsZrelli, Saber; Miyaji, Atsuko; Shinoda, Yoichi; Ernst, Thierry
22-May-2016 Security and Experimental Performance Analysis of a Matrix ORAMGordon, Steven; Miyaji, Atsuko; Su, Chunhua; Sumongkaoythin, Karin
Sep-2007 The security of RC6 against asymmetric Chi-square test attackHinoue, Tomohiko; Miyaji, Atsuko; Wada, Takatomi
Oct-2020 Segment-level Effects of Gender, Nationality and Emotion Information on Text-independent Speaker VerificationLi, Kai; Akagi, Masato; Wu, Yibo; Dang, and Jianwu
Mar-2017 Segmentation of molar and premolar teeth of the lower jaw from panoramic radiographs for the forensic processHasan, Md Mosaddik; はさん, えむでぃー もっさでぃく
22-Jul-2011 Segregation Behavior of Polyethylene with Broad Molecular Weight Distribution by Annealing Procedure in Temperature GradientSiriprumpoonthum, Monchai; Mieda, Naoya; Nobukawa, Shogo; Yamaguchi, Masayuki
2009 A Selectable k-Times Relaxed Anonymous Authentication SchemeEmura, Keita; Miyaji, Atsuko; Omote, Kazumasa
Mar-2016 Selection Criteria of Sharing Accommodation: Host-Guest Relationship in AirbnbJavaid, Ahson
20-Apr-2010 Selection of Material for the Back Electrodes of Thin-Film Solar Cells Using Polycrystalline Silicon Films Formed by Flash Lamp AnnealingOhdaira, Keisuke; Fujiwara, Tomoko; Endo, Yohei; Shiba, Kazuhiro; Takemoto, Hiroyuki; Matsumura, Hideki
27-Feb-2015 Selective aerobic oxidation of 1,3-propanediol to 3-hydroxypropanoic acid using hydrotalcite supported bimetallic gold nanoparticle catalyst in waterMohammad, Mujahid; Nishimura, Shun; Ebitani, Kohki
Mar-2017 Selective area growth of well-ordered ZnO nanowires and the synthesis of ZnO/magnetic-metal hybrid core/shell nanowires by electrochemical deposition methodPham, Huyen Thi; ふぁむ, ふえん てぃ
10-Feb-2012 Selective area molecular beam epitaxy of InAs on GaAs (110) masked substrates for direct fabrication of planar nanowire field-effect transistorsAkabori, Masashi; Murakami, Tatsuya; Yamada, Syoji
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