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ELIBOL Armagan Assistant ProfessorFaculty Profile

No.Bibliographical information
1 Efficient Image Registration for Underwater Optical Mapping Using Geometric Invariants / Elibol, Armagan, Chong, Nak Young, Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 7(6), pp.178-, 2019-06-05, MDPI Publishing
2 Mismatched image identification using histogram of loop closure error for feature-based optical mapping / Elibol, Armagan, Chong, Nak-Young, Shim, Hyunjung, Kim, Jinwhan, Gracias, Nuno, Garcia, Rafael, International Journal of Intelligent Robotics and Applications, 3(2), pp.196-206, 2019-03-26, Springer


Contact : Library Information Section, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology