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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Mar-1998 Parallel TRAMのごみ集めの並列化に関する研究斉藤, 嗣治; さいとう, つぐはる
Mar-1998 Parallel TRAMを基にした超並列TRAMの実装と評価平田, 寛道; ひらた, ひろみち
4-Jul-2000 Parallelizing with limited number of ancillaeAbe, Hideaki; Sung, Shao Chin
27-Nov-2006 Parameterized Points-to Analysis for Java based on Weighted Pushdown Model CheckingLi, Xin; Ogawa, Mizuhito
21-Sep-2005 A Parametric Model Checking Approach for Real-Time Systems DesignSathawornwichit, Chaiwat
Sep-2002 A parametric representation of linguistic hedges in Zadeh's fuzzy logicHuynh, V. N.; Ho, T. B.; Nakamori, Y.
Mar-2017 Parents and School’s Collaboration for Improving Children Food Well-Being by Knowledge PerspectiveTran, Mai Thi Ngoc; とらん, まい ちぃ ごっく
13-Dec-2017 Partial binary encoding for slepian-wolf based proof of retrievabilityTan, Choon Beng; Mohd Hanafi, Ahmad Hijazi; Lim, Yuto
31-Jul-2011 Particle Filter Based Feedback Control of JAIST Active Robotic WalkerOhnuma, Takanori; Lee, Geunho; Chong, Nak Young
Aug-2014 Particle Filter Based Lower Limb Prediction and Motion Control for JAIST Active Robotic WalkerOhnuma, Takanori; Lee, Geunho; Chong, Nak Young
Mar-2002 Particle System を用いた生化学反応シミュレーション玉樹, 真一郎; たまき, しんいちろう
6-Feb-2012 Passivation characteristics of SiNx/a-Si and SiNx/Si-rich-SiNx stacked layers on crystalline siliconThi, Trinh Cham; Koyama, Koichi; Ohdaira, Keisuke; Matsumura, Hideki
11-Jun-2018 Passivation effect of ultra-thin SiN_x films formed by catalytic chemical vapor deposition for crystalline silicon surfaceSong, Hao; Ohdaira, Keisuke
11-Sep-2017 Passivation of textured crystalline silicon surfaces by catalytic CVD silicon nitride films and catalytic phosphorus dopingOhdaira, Keisuke; Cham, Trinh Thi; Matsumura, Hideki
22-Jan-2014 Passivation quality of a stoichiometric SiN_x single passivation layer on crystalline silicon prepared by catalytic chemical vapor deposition and successive annealingThi, Trinh Cham; Koyama, Koichi; Ohdaira, Keisuke; Matsumura, Hideki
5-Nov-2016 Patent, Secrecy and Firm Performance : Evidence from Japan西村, 陽一郎; 大西, 宏一郎; 山内, 勇
9-Jan-2007 Pathway alignment through contxt similarityClemente Litran, Jose Carlos
Nov-2005 Pattern Recognition in Metabonomics Using Self Organizing MapsStefan, W. Roeder; Ulrike, Rolle-Kampczyk; Olf, Herbarth; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
28-Aug-2017 Paving the Way for Culturally Competent Robots: a Position PaperBruno, Barbara; Nak Young Chong; Kamide, Hiroko; Kanoria, Sanjeev; Lee, Jaeryoung; Lim, Yuto; Amit Kumar Pandey; Papadopoulos, Chris; Papadopoulos, Irena; Pecora, Federico; Saffiotti, Alessandro; Sgorbissa, Antonio
20-Feb-2014 Pay4Say: 貨幣制度を導入したビデオ会議システム永井, 淳之介; 村井, 孝明; 西本, 一志; Nagai, Jun'nosuke; Murai, Takaaki; Nishimoto, Kazushi
2-Nov-2013 PBLにおける技術経営教育について渡部, 順一; 菊池, 義浩; 薄葉, 祐子; 内海, 康雄
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