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10-May-2014 Protein Cytoplasmic Delivery using Polyampholyte Nanoparticles and Freeze ConcentrationAhmed, Sana; Hayashi, Fumiaki; Nagashima, Toshio; Matsumura, Kazuaki
Jun-2014 Enhanced Protein Cytoplasmic delivery using Polyampholyte nanoparticle and Freeze Concentration MechanismAHMED, SANA
21-Sep-2016 Enhanced protein internalization and efficient endosomal escape using polyampholyte-modified liposomes and freeze concentrationAhmed, Sana; Fujita, Satoshi; Matsumura, Kazuaki
Jun-2017 凍結濃縮法による細胞内への生体高分子の効率的導入法Ahmed, Sana; あはまっど, さな
25-Jun-2017 Freezing Assisted Gene Delivery Combined with Polyampholyte NanocarriersAhmed, Sana; Nakaji-Hirabayashi, Tadashi; Watanabe, Takayoshi; Hohsaka, Takahiro; Matsumura, Kazuaki
23-Jan-2018 Enhanced Adsorption of a Protein-nanocarrier Complex onto Cell Membranes through a High Freeze Concentration by a Polyampholyte CryoprotectantAhmed, Sana; Miyawaki, Osato; Matsumura, Kazuaki
30-Apr-2018 Comparative analysis of the cellular entry of polystyrene and gold nanoparticles using the freeze concentration methodAhmed, Sana; Okuma, Koyo; Matsumura, Kazuaki
24-Jun-2018 Hydrophobic Polyampholytes and Nonfreezing Cold Temperature Stimulate Internalization of Au Nanoparticles to Zwitterionic LiposomesAhmed, Sana; Matsumura, Kazuaki; Hamada, Tsutomu


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