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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Nov-2005 Role-driven Business Process ModelsZhao, Weidong; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
Nov-2005 The Roles of Creative Thinking and Decision-Making Tools for Building Knowledge SocietiesVesna, Čančer; Matjaž, Mulej; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
Dec-2004 Room temperature ferromagnetism in anatase Ti_<0.95>Cr_<0.05>O_2 thin films: Clusters or not?Nguyen, Hoa Hong; Ruyter, Antoine; Prellier, W.; Sakai, Joe
Sep-2005 Room temperature ferromagnetism in laser ablated Ni-doped In_2O_3 thin filmsNguyen, Hoa Hong; Sakai, Joe; Ngo, Thu Huong; Brizé, Virginie
Apr-2006 Room-temperature ferromagnetism observed in undoped semiconducting and insulating oxide thin filmsNguyen, Hoa Hong; Sakai, Joe; Poirot, Nathalie; Brizé, Virginie
May-2005 Room-temperature resistance switching and temperature hysteresis of Pr_<0.7>Ca_<0.3>MnO_3 junctionsSakai, Joe; Imai, Syozo
22-Feb-2006 Rotational and vibrational state distribution of H_2 activated on a heated tungsten filamentUmemoto, Hironobu; Ansari, S. G.; Matsumura, Hideki
16-Jun-2005 A roughness measure for fuzzy setsHuynh, Van-Nam; Nakamori, Yoshiteru
4-Mar-2008 Round off error analysis based on Weighted Pushdown Model checkingDo, Ngoc Thi Bich
Feb-2013 Route-Enabling Graph Orientation ProblemsIto, Takehiro; Miyamoto, Yuichiro; Ono, Hirotaka; Tamaki, Hisao; Uehara, Ryuhei
Dec-2010 RPoK: A Strongly Resilient Polynomial-based Random Key Pre-distribution Scheme for Multiphase Wireless Sensor NetworksIto, Hisashige; Miyaji, Atsuko ; Omote, Kazumasa
Mar-2014 RTLとゲートレベルを混在させた最適な論理回路設計に関する研究張, 之飛; ちょう, しひ
Mar-2007 RTOSを用いた組込みソフトウェア設計の検証手法の提案と事例への適用飛鳥, 誠; あすか, まこと
Sep-2015 RTOSオーバヘッドを考慮したスケジューリング方式の提案長谷川, 和輝; はせがわ, かずき
Mar-2017 Ru-La前駆体物質のインプリントメカニズムの解明三原, 純一; みはら, じゅんいち
Sep-2010 Rule selection for syntax-based Vietnamese-English statistical machine translationBui, Thanh Hung; ぶい, たん ふん
Sep-2015 Rule-based emotional voice conversion utilizing three-layered model for dimensional approach薛, 雅文; せつ, かぶん
15-Jul-1994 Rule-dynamicsの定式化,及びその記述能力の情報理論的側面佐野, 彰; Sano, Akira; サノ, アキラ
2-Mar-2020 RunnerComposter:プラスチックモデル制作過程で生じる 不用物を用いた改造案の創出支援井鳥, 利哉; 高島, 健太郎; 西本, 一志
Mar-1997 RuO4による酸化反応を利用した石炭中の脂肪族成分の構造解析吉田, 浩二; よしだ, こうじ
Mar-2001 RuO4を用いた石炭酸化生成物のESI FT-ICR MS による構造解析高橋, 洋介; たかはし, ようすけ
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