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Date of IssueTitle Authors
18-Dec-2009 An Education Method for VR Content Creation using GroupworkMiyata, Kazunori; Umemoto, Katsuhiro; Higuchi, Takeo
15-Sep-2010 An educational framework for creating VR application through groupworkMiyata, Kazunori; Umemoto, Katsuhiro; Higuchi, Takeo
9-Jun-2022 EE-Reader:漢字形状記憶の損失を防ぐための誤字形文字埋め込み電子書籍リーダー西本, 一志; 魏, 建寧; 金井, 秀明; KAZUSHI NISHIMOTO; JIANNING WEI; HIDEAKI KANAI
28-Aug-2020 Effect of a silicon nitride film on the potential-induced degradation of n-type front-emitter crystalline silicon photovoltaic modulesSuzuki, Tomoyasu; Masuda, Atsushi; Ohdaira, Keisuke
29-Nov-2019 Effect of a SiO_2 film on the potential-induced degradation of n-type front-emitter crystalline Si photovoltaic modulesSuzuki, Tomoyasu; Yamaguchi, Seira; Nakamura, Kyotaro; Masuda, Atsushi; Ohdaira, Keisuke
9-Jun-2018 Effect of acetyl substitution on the optical anisotropy of cellulose acetate filmsHatamoto, Kazuya; Shimada, Hikaru; Kondo, Misaki; Nobukawa, Shogo; Yamaguchi, Masayuki
Sep-2011 Effect of adaptive coupling on enhancement of cerebellar learningHOANG, Huu Thien
14-Feb-2014 Effect of Annealing and Hydrogen Radical Treatment on the Structure of Solution-Processed Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon FilmsSakuma, Yoo; Ohdaira, Keisuke; Masuda, Takashi; Takagishi, Hideyuki; Shen, Zhongrong; Shimoda, Tatsuya
17-Mar-2017 Effect of antireflection coating on the crystallization of amorphous silicon films by flash lamp annealingSonoda, Yuki; Ohdaira, Keisuke
22-Jan-2020 Effect of articulatory and acoustic features on the intelligibility of speech in noise: an articulatory synthesis studyNgo, Thuanvan; Akagi, Masato; Birkholz, Peter
24-Apr-2008 Effect Of Buffer And Spacer Layer Thicknesses On Magnetic Properties Of Co/Si/Co/GaAs MultilayerIslam, J.; Yamamoto, Y.; Shikoh, Eiji; Fujiwara, Akihiko; Hori, H.
3-Jun-2019 Effect of carbon nanotube addition on structure and properties for extrudates of high‐density polyethyleneNishikawa, Riho; Yamaguchi, Masayuki
18-Mar-2016 Effect of crystallization on drawdown force at capillary extrusion for polyethyleneSeemork, Jiraporn; Itoh, Tomoki; Nobukawa, Shogo; Yamaguchi, Masayuki
4-Jul-2009 Effect of diamine treatment on the conversion efficiency of PbSe colloidal quantum dot solar cellsKitada, Seiki; Kikuchi, Einosuke; Ohno, Akira; Aramaki, Shinji; Maenosono, Shinya
31-Jan-2019 Effect of dual‐drug‐releasing micelle–hydrogel composite on wound healing in vivo in full‐thickness excision wound rat modelPatel, Monika; Nakaji‐Hirabayashi, Tadashi; Matsumura, Kazuaki
29-Aug-2018 Effect of evacuating a chamber on the degradation rate of solar cells in a cell-level potential-induced degradation testYamaguchi, Seira; Ohdaira, Keisuke
24-Dec-2014 The effect of flexible chains on the orientation dynamics of small molecules dispersed in polymer films during stretchingNobukawa, Shogo; Aoki, Yoshihiko; Fukui, Yoshiharu; Kiyama, Ayumi; Yoshimura, Hiroshi; Tachikawa, Yutaka; Yamaguchi, Masayuki
2013 Effect of Flexible Fibers on Rheological Properties of Poly(Lactic Acid) Composites under Elongational FlowYamaguchi, Masayuki; Yokohara, Tadashi; Md Ali, Mohd Amran Bin
Jul-2006 Effect of ITD and component frequencies on perception of alarm signals in noisy environmentsNakanishi, Josaku; Unoki, Masashi; Akagi, Masato
19-Sep-2017 Effect of mixing temperature on the carbon nanofiller distribution in immiscible blends of polycarbonate and polyolefinFan, Bowen; Wiwattananukul, Rujirek; Yamaguchi, Masayuki
14-Jun-2011 Effect of Moisture on the Orientation Birefringence of Cellulose EstersManaf, Mohd Edeerozey Abd; Tsuji, Manami; Nobukawa, Shogo; Yamaguchi, Masayuki
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