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15-Aug-1995 A statistical model of quantum dot arrays with Coulomb couplingSuzuki, Toshi-kazu; Nomoto, Kazumasa; Ugajin, Ryuichi; Hase, Ichiro
2004 High-frequency characteristics and saturation electron velocity of InAlAs/InGaAs metamorphic high electron mobility transistors at high temperaturesOno, Hideki; Taniguchi, Satoshi; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu
2005 Degradation of metamorphic InGaAs Esaki tunnel diodes due to electrode diffusion and impurity interdiffusionOno, Hideki; Yanagita, Masashi; Taniguchi, Satoshi; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu
1-Jul-2006 Impurity Diffusion in InGaAs Esaki Tunnel Diodes of Varied Defect DensitiesONO, Hideki; TANIGUCHI, Satoshi; SUZUKI, Toshi-kazu
25-Jan-2008 Epitaxial Lift-Off of InGaAs/InAlAs Metamorphic High Electron Mobility Heterostructures and Their van der Waals Bonding on AlN Ceramic SubstratesJeong, Yonkil; Shindo, Masanori; Akabori, Masashi; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu
2010 Strain-enhanced electron mobility anisotropy in In_xGa_<1-x> As/InP two-dimensional electron gasesAkabori, Masashi; Trinh, Thanh Quang; Kudo, Masahiro; Hardtdegen, Hilde; Schäpers, Thomas; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu
7-Jul-2010 Electron transport properties of InAs ultrathin films obtained by epitaxial lift-off and van der Waals bonding on flexible substratesTakita, Hayato; Hashimoto, Norihiko; Nguyen, Cong Thanh; Kudo, Masahiro; Akabori, Masashi; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu
5-Jun-2012 Electron distribution and scattering in InAs films on low-k flexible substratesNguyen, Cong Thanh; Shih, Hong-An; Akabori, Masashi; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu
24-Jul-2012 Analysis of AlN/AlGaN/GaN metal-insulator-semiconductor structure by using capacitance-frequency-temperature mappingShih, Hong-An; Kudo, Masahiro; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu
2-Oct-2012 Carrier recombination lifetime in InAs thin films bonded on low-k flexible substratesSuzuki, Toshi-kazu; Hayato Takita; Cong Thanh Nguyen; Iiyama, Koichi
7-Aug-2014 Low-frequency noise in AlN/AlGaN/GaN metal-insulator-semiconductor devices: a comparison with Schottky devicesLe, Son Phuong; Nguyen, Tuan Quy; Shih, Hong-An; Kudo, Masahiro; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu
14-Nov-2014 Gate-control efficiency and interface state density evaluated from capacitance-frequency-temperature mapping for GaN-based metal-insulator-semiconductor devicesShih, Hong-An; Kudo, Masahiro; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu
9-Nov-2015 Low-frequency noise in InAs films bonded on low-k flexible substratesLe, Son Phuong; Ui, Toshimasa; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu
27-May-2016 Low-frequency noise in AlTiO/AlGaN/GaN metal-insulator-semiconductor heterojunction field-effect transistorsLe, Son Phuong; Ui, Toshimasa; Nguyen, Tuan Quy; Shih, Hong-An; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu
4-May-2017 An InAs/high-k/low-k structure: Electron transport and interface analysisUi, Toshimasa; Mori, Ryousuke; Le, Son Phuong; Oshima, Yoshifumi; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu
22-Jun-2018 狭ギャップ半導体における低次元鏡像電荷効果に基づく中赤外領域励起子制御鈴木, 寿一; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu
10-Aug-2018 Suppression of drain-induced barrier lowering by double-recess overlapped gate structure in normally-off AlGaN-GaN MOSFETsSato, Taku; Uryu, Kazuya; Okayasu, Junichi; Kimishima, Masayuki; Suzuki, Toshi-kazu


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